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Masindi Education
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Masindi Education Foundation (MEF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable educational opportunities to children in Masindi, Uganda, East Africa. MEF’s largest program is Rock Foundation School, which has grown from a modest 3-room primary school to a well respected Primary and Secondary school of over 400 students. MEF also runs a post-secondary scholarship program to provide motivated and high-performing students with an opportunity to continue their studies in certificate, vocational, technical, and undergraduate programs not yet offered by Rock Foundation School.

MEF’s approach to education is holistic - encompassing the full set of developmental needs of our students (physical, emotional, and spiritual health) in addition to strong academics. As the name of the school would suggest, we believe in a back-to-basics approach that seeks to mold the intellectual character of our students as well as instill a strong sense of personal responsibility, integrity, spirituality, self-respect, tolerance, and community service ethic.

2010 Mission Team PDF Print E-mail

The 2010 mission team will leave for Masindi, Uganda on Tuesday, July 6th.  There will be a send off at the Chardon United Methodist Church at 1:30pm.  There are 16 in this team and they covet your prayers, until they return on July 28th.  The team includes our Pastor, who plans to have reports from the team in our worship services.  Meet the 2010 Masindi Mission Team.

In their final meeting, they packed medical supplies, school supplies, sponsor letters/packages and whatever items of need in Uganda that they could fit in their bags!  We are also blessed by the gift raised by so many for the purchase of mosquito nets.  The team will purchase mosquito nets in the capital city Kampala upon their arrival.  They will treat the nets with insecticide and then give them to the people of Masindi.

You may keep up with the team and their progress at  Several of the team will be blogging (writing little notes), when they have access to the Internet.  You may comment on their blogs, by clicking on the "Add new comment" link.  The website also includes photos from prior trips and a photo album of African animals and flowers.  If you register on the site, you can view the profiles of the team members and add your own blogs.  And the site will be updated throughout the trip with new photos and videos.

Pray for the team daily ... for safe travels, good health, and Godly impact!  God bless all our missionaries!